We Develop Leaders On and Off the Field

Vital Leadership strives for all young adults to reach their peak performance in life and sports as they live a life of integrity and influence others along the way. We offer two programs for ages 12-25: Athletic Leadership and Life Leadership.


How to Achieve Peak Performance in Sports.

FOR ATHLETES seeking to master confidence, composure, focus, and their athletic performance.

Many athletes have tremendous talent that never makes it to game day. Nerves. Fears. Irrational beliefs all stand in the athlete’s way. Do you get in your own way and hinder your own success?

Learn to stop letting pressure overpower you. Instead, manage and thrive under pressure to find the premier athlete in yourself, and become an even finer person, too. Learn from us how to master your mental game and let your best performance shine – every day.

Three Ways to Learn Athletic Leadership


Reach your Peak with the help of a personal Mental Game coach, who will listen to your personal experiences and help you develop the skills, habits and thoughts of a champion. Schedule a free 15-minute evaluation and discussion with training available via Skype, phone or in person.



Play a team sport and want everyone to stay strong at crunch time? Or play an individual sport but train with others who share your struggle? Group sessions can provide great discussion opportunities and reduce the costs per person. Set up a time for your training session!



You aren’t the first athlete to feel pressure, to get distracted, to lose motivation or find yourself anxious, fearful or frustrated. Our website has thorough and clear information that comes from the questions others have asked, so it may address your very problem. It also links to numerous others resources, which will help you help yourself to a better level of performance.


Will you be ready?

All competition and challenges in life come down to preparation. Will you be ready? Are you creating a foundation in your life so you will be ready for challenges? Because life ALWAYS brings challenge. MASTER PRESSURE. DON'T LET PRESSURE MASTER YOU.


How to Thrive in Your Life, School and Work.

Take yourself to the next level through our Ebook designed to walk you through development of a personal leadership plan on your own. It’s written with you in mind – not adults who have a different set challenges that you can’t relate to. Download it and work through the lessons alone or study with a group, such as student government leaders, a mission trip team or a youth group. You will learn how to develop their identity as a person and how to build strong, positive character as you manage the questions and challenges that come with growing up and choosing a college, a college major or a first career.


Leadership is NOT something you are born with. It is learned. But most leadership courses are written for adults. Not ours.

Becoming a strong leader includes:
– Leading yourself
– Knowing your strengths, values, and lesser strengths
– Having confidence in who you are and where you are going because you understand and accept yourself and have set a direction
– Relating well with others
– Managing life well
– Remaining confident during tough times


Becoming a leader takes intentionality and purpose – and your investment. Thankfully, here is an age-appropriate guide just for you.

Start your leadership training now with our exclusive e-book “How to Develop Leadership and Performance in Your Life.”

Students like you have used our resource for years to master a new understanding of what leadership is all about. Our curriculum will also help you make tough decisions, such as what school? What major? What career?

Download it now and get started today!

"Going through the Vital Leadership curriculum has given me actual tools to be successful in leading myself throughout the rest of my life. It is a perfect self-analysis, asking questions I forget to ask myself and reflecting deep into the way I perceive myself. It also asks the right questions to challenge the way I view myself, and inviting others into the process to help me grow." - Kay


Since 2009, Vital Leadership has equipped and inspired young adults to learn the vital behaviors necessary for a fulfilling and meaningful life. Founders Jack and Kim Bastable share an interest in helping young people develop into successful leaders. After professional athletic careers in baseball and tennis, they have spent their entire lives mentoring, learning and living the vital behaviors they teach. Leadership, vision, confidence, health, and intentionality with the pursuit of their personal mission led them to create Vital Leadership.

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Contact us to schedule your 1-1 or group coaching session.

Ready to up your game?

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Contact us to schedule your 1-1 or group coaching session.